Design & innovation
for a circular economy

To facilitate and accelerate the practical implementations of circular economy,
we use a holistic approach that combines design thinking, systems thinking and life cycle thinking.

Circular Economy is Good for Business

  • Taking precautions against increasing/unstable commodity prices 
  • Develop resistance against the possibility of supply interruption 

  • Gaining low carbon footprint

  • Increasing ‘responsible brand’ perception

  • Innovative value propositions to the consumer

  • Fast adaptation to changing laws &  regulations
  • Sectoral leadership & inventiveness

What we do

  • Join us in circular economy and circular design workshops to cultivate leaders in your organisation

Designing products, services and business models that design out the waste in the ecosystem

Redesigning corporate events in a way that create minimum waste and maximum value 

Supporting platforms that join multiple actors to accelerate transition to a circular economy 

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