There is no ‘waste’ in nature. 

We think waste is a design problem and can be solved with the right team, approach and tools.

When we take a closer look at the waste in our simple daily lives or in complex industrial processes, it can be easily seen that these problems are not there for good.

We are a design and innovation studio that utilises user centered design on the micro level and systems thinking on the macro level to solve these waste problems.

We facilitate the practical implementations of circular economy with our global network of international consulting professionals, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, academia, NGOs and private sector.


Our Approach

Our Team

Gülin Ölçer - Founder & Head of Strategy
Ömer Hacıömeroğlu - Industrial Designer
Tuğçe Akbulut - Space & Systems Designer
Merve Mermertaş - LCA expert
Melek Öztürk - Management Consultant
Selin Kanyas - Material Scientist
Prof. Dr. Göksel Demirer - METU Environmental Engineering
Dr. Uygar Özesmi - Founder, Good 4 Trust